American Behavioral Scientist
Special Issue on Open Collaboration and Wiki Research

Editors: Andrea Forte, Cliff Lampe, Barry Wellman

To support access to this research, we are linking to the submitted (draft) versions of the papers posted by authors as well as to the official version with citation information (full text available for institutions with a subscription) and an email address for authors in case you would like to correspond about their work.

  1. Defining, Understanding and Supporting Open Collaboration: Lessons from the Literature
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email author]
    Andrea Forte, Drexel University
    Cliff Lampe, University of Michigan
  2. Motivation for Open Collaboration: Crowd and Community Models and the Case of OpenStreetMap
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email authors]
    Nama R. Budhathoki, Apex College | Mobera Nepal | World Bank's Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI)
    Caroline Haythornthwaite, University of Britsh Columbia
  3. Rules and Roles vs. Consensus: Self-governed Mass Collaborative Deliberative Bureaucracies
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email author]
    Elisabeth Joyce, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
    Jacqueline Pike, Duquesne University
    Brian Butler, University of Maryland
  4. Hot off the Wiki: Structures and Dynamics of Wikipedia’s Coverage of Breaking News Events
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email author | #pdftribute]
    Brian Keegan, Northeastern University
    Darren Gergle, Northwestern University
    Noshir Contractor, Northwestern University
  5. Press-Public Collaboration as Infrastructure: Tracing News Organizations and Programming Publics in Application Programming Interfaces
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email author]
    Mike Ananny, University of Southern California | Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  6. The Remixing Dilemma: The Trade-off Between Generativity and Originality
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email author]
    Benjamin Mako Hill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia’s reaction to popularity is causing its decline
    [submitted paper | ABS link | email author]
    Aaron Halfaker, University of Minnesota
    Stuart Geiger, University of California, Berkeley
    Jonathan Morgan, University of Washington
    John Riedl, University of Minnesota